Chrsitne Hanmer Holistic Therapist

Education Performance Practitioner (EPP)

As an EPP my role involves working within the school environment to provide hypnotherapy and relaxation techniques to help students achieve a life management skillset, prepare for their exams and to support those in need, helping make positive changes in their lives with stress and anxiety and self-esteem.

NLP & Hypnotherapy techniques address underlying issues that are holding individuals back with unhelpful behaviours and inhibiting beliefs.

However, this only assists with the surface issue. My aim would be to identify and address the underlying trigger behind the conscious reason for such behaviour; instilling lasting, effective and rapid change.

Social media highlights how our children are mentally struggling with peer pressure to perform. Young teenagers are reaching out for help via social media posts, some suicidal, some merely lost and in need of recognition and guidance.

Teachers and staff can also have 'meltdowns' when trying to deliver. The stress of meeting targets and empathy for their students can take its toll, in some cases leading to their hair falling out.

The Exam Performance Programme

This is a specialist programme to help groups of 10-15 students, by putting them into a relaxed state whilst instilling mindset changes, memory retrieval techniques and psychological skills specifically for performing during exams. Teenagers are under increasing study and exam pressure. It is common for students to latch on to their weaknesses rather than their strengths and can easily be discouraged by negative criticism.

GCSEs can be a stressful time. Many students face concerns over the fear of failure, or not being able to remember what they have learned and to apply it on the day of their exams. For some it isn't just the anxiety or 'nerves' at the time of the exam but often it is weeks or months ahead. They feel that while they are quite confident in the subject, their 'nerves' will cause them to 'let themselves down on the day’.

In the run up to exams, many students struggle with their focus and attention due to excessive tension and lack of self-belief. Whilst a certain amount of anxiety is natural around exam time, for some students it is crippling, and very damaging.

Students can learn to overcome their anxiety, grow in confidence, and feel comfortable in exam conditions.

With the help of simple, concentrated, techniques, students can take control of their emotional state, and remain focused and confident whilst being challenged in the exam situation, reducing their anxiety levels and perform at their very best.

All this can lead to a much better academic performance and far greater emotional well being for the student. Schools are now evolving - they are listening and proactively taking on an holistic approach.

It is our children of today who are our future of tomorrow.